About Us


Complete Manufacturing House

Born in December 1995. Li’l Tomatoes, a brand of Gunno Group of Industries Pvt. Ltd., is crafted for attitude , for kids between 0 to 16 years. The Company is a vertically integrated and well-equipped company with major focus on manufacturing quality products through its state-of-the-art infrastructure. The company has complete in-house facilities such as , knitting, dying, processing, designing and garments manufacturing. Gunno fashion Pvt. Ltd., with years of valuable experience in manufacturing both fabric and garments for children, are currently producing some of the most impressive range of comfortable wear and with their wide range of clothes, is all set to dress little princes and divas of the 21st century.


This section of the manufacturing unit breathes life into fabric. Our knitting machines can be programmed to produce a wide variety of fabrics and shapes.



Equipped with most modern dyeing facilities, it further adds more versatility to the fabric with variety of finishes. Special finishes like Peach, antibacterial , fluffy, wrinkle free, cooler finish. Insect repellant, perfume and many more are processed in this section.


Full fledged studio with expertise from country’s renowned designers culminate into a wide range of comfortable and internationally styled garments for children.




This section materializes world-class range of designer garments for children . Strict supervision at different stages of production ensures best quality of the end product.